Revisiting Ilocondia Part 2: Pagudpud

From Vigan, we headed to one of my favorite place (and beach!) in the country, Pagudpud. This quaint town is located in the northern most edge of the Luzon Island, and it’s the last town of Ilocos Norte in the north.

Getting There

Welcome to Pagudpud!

From Vigan, we rode a Partas bus to Laoag City. I forgot how much the fare is but I think it was 100+ Php (around 3 USD). The trip lasted for about hours. From the Partas station in Laoag City, we rode a tricycle to the bus terminal for Pagudpud. The tricycle fare is 50 Php (a bit more than 1 USD), although you could always bargain—but be clear of the price first before riding the tricycle. The bus fare from Laoag to Pagudpud costs 80 Php (2 USD), and the trip lasted for 2 hours. Btw, the buses are much smaller and have no AC, but you don’t need such because the wind is cold and fresh. From Pagudpud town, just ride a tricycle to your chosen hotel or resort. If you have no reservations yet, and you’re in tight budget, tell the driver to bring you to Saud beach and to an inexpensive resort, and they know where to bring you 🙂


The well-known beach in Pagudpud is Saud beach, although there are other beaches around town. The tricycle driver will most likely take you to Jun and Carol’s Beach cottages at the rocky end of Saud beach. Though at the rocky end, the beach is just few meters away, plus the rocky beach front is good background for photo ops. Tip: Beachfront resorts cost much than those at the rocky end.

Romaville beach resort’s facade.

Our room beside the stairway.

We originally intended to stay at Jun and Carol’s Beach Cottages (we stayed here during our first trip here), but it was holy week so there were no vacant rooms. Fortunately, our tricycle driver helped us to find another place. We stayed at Romaville Beach Resort, just beside Jun and Carol’s. We got a room good for 4 persons (but we’re five), which costs Php 3,000 (70 USD) per night, but the manager was kind enough to let us bargain and lower the price to 2,500 Php (58 USD) per night. The room is located at the first floor, which have 2 double beds, AC and own bathroom. The room was quite small for five people, but better than having no place to stay at all. There are small open cottages in front of the resort where you can stay during the day, free of charge for Romaville’s guests. Romaville has no store or restaurant, but you could always ran to the nearby Jun and Carol’s for all your needs 🙂

Small cottages in front of Romaville.

For more info and reservations, you can contact Romaville Beach Resort’s manager (ate Maribel) at these numbers: +63919 620 9151 or +63915 454 3488. In my recent trip to Pagudpud last November 2011, ate Maribel is no longer connected to Romaville Beach Resort.

Town Tour

The tricycle drivers also act as tour guides, so you can hire them for a tricycle tour of the town. There two town tours available, the north and the south, which costs 600 Php (14 USD) each, for maximum of three persons. I recommend that you spend a day each for the two tours, just like we did.

Driver na, tour guide pa!

First Day: The North Tour

The north tour includes spots within the town, usually will take half of your day. Start the tour around 8AM, and end at about 12NN or 1PM. The itinerary includes the following:

Patapat Viaduct

The Patapat viaduct is a bridge connecting Ilocos Norte to the Cagayan province. At the side of the mountain, facing the South China Sea, this bridge boasts a scenic sight of the endless sea and the cool ocean breeze will surely captivate you!

Scenic Patapat.

Jump for joy!

Kaibigan Falls

The Kaibigan falls is located inside Pagudpud’s lush tropical rainforest. We trekked for 30-45 minutes to reach the waterfalls. The trek was quite easy and very enjoyable. Our efforts were rewarded by the magnificent view of the falls. We also tested the ice-cold water of the waterfalls—a refreshing way to cool down in a hot summer day! The entrance fee is 20 Php per person, and tour guide for 100 Php.

The trekked to Kaibigan Falls.

The water is cold and refreshing!

Timagtang Rock Formation

On the way to the view lagoon, we passed by this unique rock formation, shaped by the currents and tides.

Photo op with the rock..

Look, I’m touching it!

Batay Abot Cave

It’s not really a cave, but a huge rock carved by the action of waves. Really amazing!

I’m a dwarf! 🙂

Group pic in front of the cave.

Blue Lagoon

I was really disappointed at the sight of the Blue Lagoon! The last time I was there (about 3 years ago), the beach was like an untouched, pristine island… but now a beach resort is standing in front! But the water is still the bluest of blue… I was lucky though to have seen the place before it was altered by the force of commercialization 😦

The water is still blue though…

Paradise lost 😦

Second Day: South Tour

The south tour includes three spots located outside the town. Start early because these sites are quite far. The itinerary is consists of the following:

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

The lighthouse is located at the town of Burgos, and about 45 minutes from Pagudpud. This is actually the oldest lighthouse in the country! There were a lot of people when we went there, so arrive early to have more photo ops without the “extras”. The last time I was there, we were allowed to enter the actual lighthouse and climbed the spiral staircase all the way up the “light” and enjoyed a 360-degree view of the sea and mountain. But this time, entry is prohibited, people are allowed only around the foot of the lighthouse and to the small museum.  You can still enjoy the view of the sea from the foot of the lighthouse. No entrance fee, but at least donate some amount to help in the maintenance of this historic place.

At the foot of the lighthouse.

I feel like a princess in a castle hehe..

Bangui Windmills View Deck

On the way to the windmills, we stopped by the view deck, perched at the side of the road. From here you can enjoy a panoramic view of the mesmerizing windmills.

Behind me are the windmills.

Panoramic view of the windmills from the view deck.

Bangui Wind Mills

Like a déjà vu, I was walking underneath these mammoth structures for the second time! The windmills are located at the town of Bangui, which provide a green source of electricity for the nearby towns. The windmills never failed to impress me and make me feel like I’m in Netherlands!

Just amazing!

All we can say is wow!

Saud Beach

If you came here to party, well, you came to the wrong place (go to Boracay instead)! This beach is not for the party people, but for those who just want to chill and relax. During the holy week (especially Good Friday), loud music and videoke singing are prohibited. I was quite impressed because the even tourists followed, so everybody had a peaceful and relaxing weekend. Holy week is supposed to be a time to reflect, not to have wild parties and booze overdose (just my opinion)!

Early morning in Saud beach.

Things To Do in Saud Beach

Watch the sunrise and sunset

You’re in Pagudpud to enjoy the beach, not to snooze! So wake-up early, have a leisurely walk at the beach (buy souvenirs too!), and catch the sunrise. Beach sunsets are always romantic and beautiful, so do that as well.

Early morning souvenir shopping.

Sunset at Saud beach.

Search for “Bahamas”

Want to have your own Bahamas-ish beach? Just like we did, we woke up early, and after catching the sunrise, we walked to the far end, deserted part of Saud beach. Warning: the far end seem “near”, so be prepared for a long walk. Bring enough food and water because there are no resorts or stores nearby. The reward: you own beach in Saud! We pretended to be celebrities vacationing in an exclusive resort in Bahamas haha 🙂

Deserted at the far end of Saud beach.

Our “Bahamas-ish” experience– no paparazzi haha 🙂

Leaning Coconut Tree

The leaning coconut tree is the like the “leaning tower of Pisa” of Pagudpud, so a photo-op is a must! In our search for “Bahamas” , we passed by the leaning coconut and had tons of photo hehe 🙂

The leaning coconut of Pagudpud!

A photo op is a must!

So the next time you plan your vacation, consider Pagudpud, and you’ll keep coming back for more! 🙂

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Kaibigan Falls


DISCLAIMER: Prices may go up, establishments may go bankrupt. It is recommended that you also check or research about the fares, fees and prices for your own convenience. The author of this blog is not connected with any of the hotels, resorts or establishments mentioned.

Exchange rate during the time of travel: 1 USD = 46 Php

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  1. naojohn11
    Mar 07, 2011 @ 00:25:59

    i like your posts,i got inspired to join this site and make a blog site din for the places that we’re able to go to.
    to be honest.. with the help of your potipot travel post, we were able to reach that place too..haha thanks much and keep on posting more travel blogs!hopefully this month of may,we can go to pagudpud naman din..peace out!!!


    • p0nang
      Mar 17, 2011 @ 11:00:35

      Hi! Thank you for reading my blog 🙂 I’m so glad I was able to help you! Pagudpud is such a nice place, please do visit it. Keep on traveling! 🙂


  2. The Background Story
    Apr 25, 2012 @ 15:05:03

    I’m planning a trip to Pagudpud this May. Thanks for sharing these valuable info 😀


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